Futura Natura is our eco products line designed for a wintertime.

Futura Natura consists of brushes, scrapers and universal 2 in 1 solutions. These products easily remove snow from the car without scratching with a soft brush. Scrapers help to remove ice from a windshield and other windows. 2 in 1 brush-scrapers have both of these features. The whole line is very handy, eco, effective and universal products.

Futura Natura products are made of natural, certified wood and recycled PVC. We care about the environment.

Innovative winter line with wooden beech handle (FSC® certified) awarded by experts on Aapex Show 2019 in Las Vegas, USA.


The choice is yours!

We offer a wide range of products in different types, functionalities, sizes, colour schemes. All are made of natural, certified wood and recycled PVC.

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